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A Short History

It was a dark and stormy day at the office. The year was 2006, and Aytekin Tank was working as a software consultant in New York City. He kept running into the same pain point at work. Coding online forms was such a time suck! Not only was it time-consuming to build online forms, but it was not the most enthralling of tasks.

Aytekin browsed online, trying to find an easier way to go about the task. He quickly realized that there was no great solution on the market to simplify the process. web based form builders were painful to use. You would add a question by going to an "Add Question" page. JotForm introduced the idea of building a web form on a WYSIWYG form editor using JavaScript drag and drop and AJAX. You can read more about how he came up with the first version on this blog post.

JotForm’s userbase was steadily increasing, and spreading the word about the product. Working during the day, and working on JotForm at night became unsustainable as a side project, and Aytekin decided to make the leap to working on JotForm full time. Building out the team slowly and deliberately, Aytekin decided to bootstrap his company. Now headquartered in San Francisco, JotForm has never received any outside funding and has experienced continued growth. We like keeping things independent, creative, and fun. Our team is global: we have another office in Ankara, Turkey. Our 20-strong support team works from various countries around the world. This allows us to deliver 24/7 customer support.

Today, JotForm has over 2 million users from over 177 countries. More than a thousand new users create accounts on JotForm everyday. As a globally used tool, we’ve made JotForm available in over a dozen languages. Let’s walk down memory lane and take a loot at the first version of JotForm, which was released in 2006:

JotForm 1.0

Here was an early growth chart.

JotForm First Ten Year

Here at JotForm, our mission is to make it easy for anyone to create online forms. We have a culture of listening to our users, and many new features have been prioritized and built due to user demand. We’re very excited about the future. If you love JotForm, please tell your friends and colleagues about us. Thank you for all of your support along our journey.


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  • DiegoMarafon

    What companies are using jotForm?

  • kingsart

    To the team at Jotform
    Your product is amazing. May you have many years of great success. Thanks for all the support.

  • carobnjaktimi

    Hi Guys and Girls at Jotform,

    I just want to express my gratitude for being such an amazing service.
    Being just opened business, your free plan is extremely valuable to me. I wish Ill grow fast enough receiving more than 100 submission and start my paid plan without any second thoughts.

    Thank you one more time!

    With love,

  • jorgegallardo

    Exellent visual tool for quick forms even if u r or not a TI expert.

  • amaciel81


    Impressive work! Good things happens to whom work hard, keep rocking!

    Alexandre (Montreal, Canada)

  • j3lomahan

    Your product is awesome, I love it and have been using it for 2+ years. Just awesome like a cool breeze in summertime.

  • pauleliteseo

    we're a web marketing agency. can we create forms for multiple clients with jotform and if so, how many can we create with a professional account?


  • Busy Bee

    Thank You! You guys are the BEST ...Thank God for you, your products and all the work that you do to make life easy for so many. We need you and again thank you.

  • ultimate2015

    I have been using your forms for years now, i simply love, them,keep up the good work, i wish you all the very best and success ahead,
    you guys are the only company whos giving this much features free,
    from Sri Lanka

  • Jason Ojukwu

    You guys Rock! Stay independent! :)

  • willerby

    Congratulations on a truly impressive site, a great product and superb support via your forum. It is a joy to see a site where you start with the tool/app and play and within 10 minutes can create a good form that works, within 30 minutes a form that interacts and within 2 hours a combination of forms/pages that interactively appear/disappear depending on the user input. Having been tasked with creating some complex online forms for H&S risk assessments (even the paper versions looked scarey) within 24 hours you had revolutionised the way we do these. Great great product. And free? I'm so impressed...

  • syucom

    Great job!
    Thank you so much.

  • Мария

    Вы молодцы!!!! Большое спасибо :)

  • tobiz

    I am trying to locate where I can sell designs. Thanks

  • trickypup

    Loving the new Form Designer, made it so easy to integrate the look of the form into my existing site's CSS. Great job! Will be using this again, and recommending it to other developers.

  • bigbudgie

    Despite numerous attempts to contact somebody over the last few days I have still not received the courtesy of a reply. i have paid to upgrade my account to premium but now cannot access my account. when I try and reset the password it says no account exists! I have a receipt for the payment, please contact me!!! user name is bigbudgie, you can email me directly on the above email, in the past you have allways offered a first class service and support, I cannot understand why I have not been contacted or received any reply.

  • PanicLifeAssist

    hi there. Can the security check be disabled so that the send location function can be straight forward. as this comes up- One more step
    Please complete the security check to access widgets.jotform.io

  • runevik

    I love Your site and i have used many features in my work already, with sucsess !

    You rock !

    Keep up the good work you guys !

  • Bob YI

    i've used jot form to build a online quotation , that's great, i love you. jot form team.

    keep moving on!

  • gen2advisors

    For what we need can something be hacked out on my own for free? Yes. But it wouldn't be as nice, or as smooth, or as simple. For $20, just isn't worth the annoyance of rolling my own for something adhoc.

  • Tony

    Its a neat little system that you guys have! It takes a little to get it all figured out. Works great for what we need. Thanks alot guys!

  • Tim

    Why have the homepage open to a product that can't be saved unless you create an account first? I just wasted 3 hours building work that was completely lost. There needs to be a warning for people that their work cannot be saved unless they are logged in.

  • coompanion

    Great work! Best form-tool out there

  • blueyuiou

    Why"Chichi: Form over quota
    This form has passed it's allocated quota
    and cannot be used at the moment.

    Try contacting the owner of this form."??????

  • madhuscafe

    If there is an Internet Nobel prize, is should go to you guys..seriously... thank you thank you thank you. Great product.

  • Smartnation

    Thank you guys, really useful and nice plataform.

    Keep going.

  • Maynard

    Thank you Interlogy,LLC for helping make life easier. Rock-on!

  • covalagroup

    THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! Y'all are amazing.

  • John Bates

    Jotform is an amazing company. I'm really impressed by how they have made it so easy to set up very smart forms, without any need to understand coding. Technical support is excellent too! Thanks. John, Biopharm Reports

  • nancytorrison

    I have a really big medical research grant application set up on one of your forms. Each university that is trying to fill it out is having issues - not all the same. One of the main issues is that they can't save the form once they start working on it. Most need to send it to a supervisor before submitting. Is there any chance I can talk by phone to a real person? 612-618-4596

  • Bree McNaught

    Jot Form helped make my life so much easier! I was able to fill out and send a credit score application in a matter of two minutes! I will defenitally be using this website again!
    Thank you!!!

  • NicholaB13

    Hi There,
    I am experiencing problems with creating a new form. When I click new it comes up as normal but wont let me click and drag any of the fields in the left hand side tool bar. I have tried several times and the issue still exists. If possible can someone please contact me during office hours to discuss over the phone. It's becoming very frustrating as I need to create a new form ASAP.

    Many thanks.

  • ccdslu

    We have not been receiving email notification of forms completed, what do we need to do to resume receiving notification?

    Gretchen Woods
    Lincoln University
    Jefferson City, MO

  • Gretchen Woods

    We use forms and need to make language changes to some of our forms. Is there someone to help with this process?

  • jezerferris

    Thank you for this amazing "Form Builder"! Even a person with no programing skills (like me) can build an outstanding Form for their websites.
    Keep up the good work! Best wishes from Brazil!!!

  • Kristian Gundersen

    I'm really curious about how well the "instantly in editor" front page is working for you. It's such an innovative approach that you don't see anywhere else. Can you share any numbers on how many of your visitors end up returning/signing up, etc.
    I personally like the approach but it could obviously be scary for some.

  • brickmovers

    I've been using JotForm for a few years and you keep on keeping up with the times. You make form building so effortless that I can't justify passing on the cost of development hours to my customers. Consequently...they save money when I use you guys. Everybody wins!

  • Josefali

    muito obg

  • mhdknight

    well done (y)
    Keep it up :)

  • monie2

    Great form builder. Keep it up

  • earthdaysf

    Hi Interology

    Just wanted to share that JotForm is my top recommendation, for affordable form services which include payment integration. My feature-by-feature comparison with about 20 form services is here:

    Note, this is just my own personal comparison, based on my own needs. This is not a blog or public site.

    Thanks for the best form service!

  • ECCF1989

    Amazing. Working with a company for our internal online application process and they had a progress reporting system that just did not function well. I found your website, creating a form, linked to our website in one day and it was SO EASY!!! I hope you never go away. I already have forms and links attached through next year!!!!!

  • carlosgis

    You Rock!

  • union21

    cavoli non funziona una madonna. come mai non si entra + a vedere le email arrivate?

  • PhilOfPerth

    Just in case you think you've had all the praise you can get, I wanna say "I've tried lots of Contact Forms, including my own products, but none came even close to this for easy installation, customization and use, as well as great support. Well done Team. And thanks for making a free version available."

  • adam_kret

    All what I can say: Great !

  • maqbool

    Your just awesum men! you are providing facility !!!

  • converzo

    We love your product. But we noticed you have a lot of downtime with your server. Since we use these forms for our customers this is a major hickup. Could you please inform us about downtime of your server? Can we trust you will have 99%+ uptime?

  • mfigueroa

    You guys are awesome! Thank you for your amazing work!

  • Consorzio3i

    Thank you so much

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